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Integrators & Resellers

Loquinar primarily work for other IT organisations who have a need for occasional Thin-Client technical skills in their organisation. We act as an additional senior staff member on call for when the need arises.

We price our services for a minimum of 25% margin. 

Citrix and Microsoft Technologies
  • XenApp & XenDesktop

  • NetScaler and StoreFronts

  • Provisioning and Machine Creation

  • Hypervisors and Clouds

  • Policy/Management/Processes

  • Remote Desktop Session Host

  • Gateway and Web Access

  • Containers

  • Hypervisors and Clouds

  • Policy/Management/Processes

Small to Enterprise sized Projects

Loquinar has implemented projects for small organisations right through to enterprises that cover the globe. We have worked with the private sector, educational and all three tiers of government. For larger projects we follow a project implementation methodology, which is specifically developed for thin-client implementations and follows current vendor best practices. As projects get smaller we scale back enterprise level deliverables where appropriate. This ensures that regardless of project size, a structures approach using best practices is always employed. This repetition of process increases development speed and reduces project risk which in the end reduces costs and meets deadlines.
Loquinar prefers quoting fixed price when ever possible. 

Support Agreements

Our support agreements give you certainty that we will respond to your problems in a timely fashion, should they occur.  Our standard support agreement is four hours per month paid up front on a per quarter basis. The best part of our support agreements is that you are not restricted in the way you use this time; solve a problem, provide advice or perform some research, it's your choice

Audits & Troubleshooting

 Through formal education, industry education and extensive experience, we have developed a reputation for resolving complex problems with Citrix and related technologies. Our detailed understanding of supporting technologies such as networking, Microsoft platforms/services and programming is invaluable when troubleshooting integrated systems. Troubleshooting problems can be as quick as a phone call or 2 hour site visit.

If your system is performing below par or you are considering expanding its use, you could consider an audit. We will carefully review your thin-client solution and provide you with clear and concise recommendations on how to move forward. As an example, an audit of a medium level system can take around 3 days including documentation. 

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